Yen continues to rise as Euro drops.


S&P 500 Index futures closed 0.1 higher and the Australian S&P/ASX 200 Index remained stable at its highest point since 2010, while New Zealand’s NZX 50 receded by 0.1 percent. The euro reached a new low at $1.3325, and the yen rose against most major currencies for another trading day. Corn fell to $7.06 per bushel, brent oil futures reached a nine month peak and silver climbed finished ate $31.48 an increase of 0.2 percent.

Today Europe’s heads of finance are due to meet in order to review Greece and Cyprus’s situation, couple this with political turmoil in Spain and Italian elections and you have a recipe for uncertainty for the euro-zone.

The last figures revealed a reduction in equity trades across the whole Asia and Pacific region, this comes as a result of many of these markets being closed for public holidays.

Finally China has officially overtaken the Unites states as the world’s largest trading nation, this news comes after measures of both countries’ respective accumulated imports and exports were compared. U.S imports and exports reached $3.82 trillion last year whereas China total imports and exports touched $3.87 trillion.