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Having launched its new and advanced web platform in October 2014, Rbinary can be considered as a relative newcomer in the world of online retail binary options trading. This broker promises traders and investors alike, “a gateway into a world of exciting trading strategies and gains.” The people behind Rbinary claim to have designed their vision around the most important needs of traders, thus providing them with simple features, expert advice and most of all, exciting trades and high pay outs. Let us have a closer look at the offering of this binary options brokers to help you discern whether it delivers on its claims and promises:

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The platform

rbinary broker trading platform

When designing the proprietary version of the web-based platform they are using, Rbinary paid particular attention into making it truly user-friendly and able to be used effectively and efficiently by traders of all skill and expertise levels. They have ventured well in this front and their trading platform is indeed very responsive as well as easy to navigate. The platform is loaded with additional features and various pro tools, which however are only accessible to registered VIP users of the trading platform. Moreover, clients choosing to trade via Rbinary, can take advantage of its social trading feature, since they have access to the top trades made by other traders for each asset and for each specific trading type, enabling them to learn from others and even copy what are proven winning strategies. Moreover, the trading experience on the platform is further aided and enhanced through the use of helpful and colorful charts showing the performance of each asset. Besides their online platform, Rbinary have also recently launched a special mobile application, suited both for most types of mobile devices, to meet the needs of traders who wish to trade on the go.

social trading feature rbinary top trades

Types of trading

Besides the traditional call/put digital type of binary options trading type, the Rbinary platform allows traders to choose to trade other types as well, such as the Touch, Range and Turbo binary options trading types. These come with a different and varied range of expiry times and payout percentages, meaning that all traders will be able to find a trading type to suit their needs, expectations and skill levels as well as their risk capability and tolerance. The Turbo Option type of trading for example, is a high speed alternative, with an expiration of between one and 3 minutes, which may result in almost instant returns and profits, but it comes with a higher risk attached and it is therefore best suited for experienced investors who are already well familiar with binary option trading.

Asset list

Rbinary gives traders a truly wide range of tradable assets to choose from, since its clients can place trades on the price of assets ranging from across all the four categories of assets, i.e. forex currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities including the precious metals of gold and platinum. All customers, both debutants and more seasoned traders are bound to find an asset or a combination of assets to best match their investment portfolio needs as well as their trading skill levels. The forex currency offering is quite extensive and includes not only the usual, popular pairs but also more innovative ones, such as the Bitcoin/USD pair. The assets offered under the indices and stocks categories are equally extensive and adequate, covering the world-wide markets.

Account types

Similar to many other binary options brokers, Rbinary offers aspiring traders the opportunity to set up a demo account for free in order to practice their binary options trading skills. Traders who decide to open a live, funded account with this firm can choose between four different account types, depending on the initial deposit amount they are willing to commit. More specifically, Rbinary offers the Silver or standard account, the Gold or Power Trader account, the Platinum or Professional Trader account and finally the VIP or Premium Membership account. Besides having different minimum deposit requirements, which increase as you move up the ladder, each of these account types comes with different maximum position and total maximum position levels. Moreover, each account type offers its holder monthly cash backs, where in essence the account holder receives a proportion of cash back, according to the amount deposited and the minimum monthly volume generated.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals at Rbinary are conducted in the usual methods accepted in the online retail binary options industry and include most major credit cards, such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard, as well as the traditional method of bank wires and the more innovative online electronic payment methods, such as Neteller and Union Pay. The minimum deposit requirement is set at a very reasonable $250, while the minimum withdrawal amount from any type of account is $100. Rbinary claims that all withdrawals are executed within three business days after a relevant request is made.

Customer Support

rbinary customer support

The RBinary website is currently available in four languages, namely English, Arabic, Russian and German, meaning that it caters for the needs for a great number of binary options traders across the globe wishing to be able to trade in their native language. Customer support is offered on a 24/7 basis and the Rbinary team can be contacted either via live chat online, through email or on the phone to one of the three local numbers available in the UK, Bahrain and Russia. Rbinary customers can also make full use of the broker’s training academy which has a rich and useful content in the form of specific binary options calculators, an economic calendar and very informative training online training courses. All registered account holders gain access to the Rbinary e-book, while the courses offered for registered users range from the basic and fundamental for new traders to the more advanced and in depth analysis of issues, strategies and topics, most suitable for seasoned traders.


Rbinary is not currently regulated in any jurisdiction as a binary options broker and this is perhaps an obvious downside. However, regulation for this firm may well come some time soon, while the people behind this entity bring with them a considerable amount of accumulated experience in the field and appear to mean “serious business”. Moreover, Rbinary, besides a reliable and well structured platform, also offers an array of additional, innovative and helpful features that greatly enhance one’s trading experience, coupled with high quality customer support and customer training opportunities. It does therefore pose as an attractive alternative for binary options traders, especially those who are already familiar with this investment vehicle, since it provides a good venue for their trading activities.

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  1. Although the company is new, I am really glad I opened a trading account with them! The service is great, assets pricing is correct like it should be. If you ask me, I do recomend that company. I’m trading Binary Options for more then two years and for now they are the best new company I’ve tried!

  2. I’m not really into binary options after a few losses, but for now I can tell that this company is really something different. I was very surprised to hear a risk warning about trading from account managers of the company, while the rest of the companies are saying there are no risks at all that. So for now I can tell that Rbinary is at least no cheating its clients. Just had made my first deposit with them. For now I have only compliments to say about that company!

  3. That is cooooool! I had never traded before and this is my first Broker to trade with! Guys explained me everything when I opened my trading account with them and I made a first deposit. Guess what, I already won 300$! That is unbelievable, never thought making money could be so easy!

  4. This company has stolen me nearly 200 euros returning only my deposit. They are nothing but liars. First they claimed everything was paid but no only deposit returned to my bank account. I have been told in live chat that I would be contacted by finance department about this issue but never got anything from them. I did my payout request 16.10 and they paid my deposit back 15.11 still holding my winnings. I gave them my bank wire details as well. I also asked them to send me proof of payment to support their claim of me being funded but of course have not received it cause they are scamming.

  5. I am surprised to see positive comments regarding Rbinary as I am having a nightmare trying to get my money withdrawn. Live chat tells me broker will call… nothing, no one ever answers emails or phone calls. Appalling customer service.
    Be careful. My advice would be stay well away if don’t want to be scammed.

  6. I must confess I lost money with several companies, including Banc de Binary, Traderush and IvoryOption. I lost over $38K and I feel ashamed even to talk about it. RBinary was my last try. Thanks to them I finally made profits with binary options, something i though it would be impossible. They were the only company that made me profit and i almost recovered all the losses i had with the other brokers. I decided to withdrawal everything - in order to pay all the debts i had with the banks. I invested $15K and I withdrawal $39K on the end.

    The platform is very user friendly and easy to understand how it works.

    Take care with bonuses and you will be cool. Take a good professional trader to work with and refuse junior brokers - the VIP account is the safest one - I got the VIP account and the best professional to work with. I learned the fundamental analysis about the trading and now I truly understand the market. Finally I am able to trade and profit by myself, I don’t depend of anyone to make me money.

    I recommend them and, more than that, I would like to thank them and my account manager for all they done for me. You were the best thing happened to me in the last year.