OptionBit’s Algobit Trade Alerts and Autotrading


During our recent review of binary options broker OptionBit we made a brief reference to the Algobit tool offered for use to all traders who open an account with the particular broker. Wanting to applaud this innovative, cutting edge technology that simplifies trading for all and can prove a powerful weapon leading to increased profits for traders, we decided to return to the topic to delve deeper into its features and advantages.

In a nutshell, Algobit, as one can perhaps deduce from its apt name, is an algorithm based software that was purposely developed by in the in-house team of experts at Optionbit with the aim of constantly scanning and monitoring the financial markets and being able to detect and follow any emerging trends from their nativity.

The fact that Algobit is indeed a cutting-edge, revolutionary product, unlikely anything else currently available was recognized through its wining of the acclaimed title of Best Product at the 2012 Financial Innovation Awards and being voted as Best Innovative Technology in the same year. What differentiates Algobit and makes it unique and not a fraud or a scam like many binary options signal services, enabling it to offer remarkable accuracy levels to its users is the fact that Algobit uses was purposely designed and developed for use in binary options trading. Its patented mathematical algorithm therefore takes into full consideration both the dynamic nature of digital trading as well as the short expiry times. Moreover, the dedicated team at OptionBit have ensured that the financial data monitored by Algobit and the statistical equations it uses were all adapted to the needs of real time online binary options traders.

For these reasons, it becomes clear why all traders, but especially those with little prior knowledge of market conditions and trading techniques, can be catapulted into high success levels when trading via Algobit. It is a powerful tool, a real weapon that can lead to significantly improved profits coupled with a consistent level of accuracy. Being a self contained system available in many languages, Algobit is also very convenient and simple to use for all, with the additional advantage of identifying all trends and generating signals that can be used not only for  manual trading by each user but also for both short and long term trades.

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Algobit is fully incorporated into the trading platform of OptionBit as a result works as a “one-stop shop” since users can trade manually directly from the AlgoBit dashboard without having to exit the system, while also being allowed to make instant deposits to their accounts from the same screen. Therefore, Algobit is not only a real automated signals tool that constantly analyzes the financial markets and identifies situations in which the odds of success are remarkably higher thus alerting the trader of each and every trend and allowing one to determine when is the right time to enter a trade and for which amount. Much more than that and in addition to allowing traders to monitor manual and automated trades simultaneously, it can be used as a completely automated trading system that also executes each trade, leaving the user with only the one simple task of approving each transaction. This is because it is the only signals software designed specifically for use in the binary options field.

Algobit review - binary options trading bot

Algobit users will in time acquire and amass a much deeper understanding of binary options trading, the market conditions, the volatility, the trends, the techniques and how to best take advantage of the profit opportunities that emerge each time. The flocks of satisfied users that Algobit has so far is testimony that using it indeed helps one to identify and capitalize on many profitable trades, because it is a highly efficient investment tool that takes into account the uniqueness of binary options trading and sending out signals that are specific for binary trading. What is more amazing is that OptionBit offers Algobit for free to all those opening an account with them and depositing the minimum deposit amount of $200. As we are not sure that this is a permanent arrangement we would urge interested traders to take advantage of Algobit to benefit from the broader and deeper understanding of the binary options world that it so effectively provides.