The Week Ahead for Binary Options Traders 15 – 19 June 2015


Our weekly focus on what shall trend this week has been brought to you. Many economic releases expected this week, will highly influence the charts causing much incidence. Throughout the review, traders will find worthy economic elements which will further help them in their trading endeavor.

As the Nonfarm payrolls released on the 5th of June, the greenback regained its top position. Contrary to that, as of last week the dollar halted and consolidation was formed on almost all charts. The week closed on growing concerns regarding Greece and this week kicked off on the same issue. Greece’s debt trouble has been causing quite some incidence on the Euro and the Eurozone’s stock market. Elsewhere, investors await for a possible hike in the rates, as they gear up for Fed’s interest rate decision on Wednesday. The market is sure to offer worthwhile opportunities with important events lining up.

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Monday, 15th June

The eye catcher of the day is the speech of the president of the ECB, Mario Draghi at 13:00 GMT. The Eurozone’s quagmire due to a continuously failing Greece, has also taken down the Euro and European stock market. Investors shun down on Eurozone due to the same trouble. The Eurozone’s trade balance expected at 09:00 GMT will give an insight on the current state of business in the area. Awaited today, is also the U.S. industrial production at 13:15 GMT, which will trigger the EURUSD pair. Investors opt for a recuperating euro following the data release, but Greece remains the hurdle.

Tuesday, 16th June

The economic releases on Tuesday are set to alter the courses of the key currencies of the world. So shall happen as the UK’s consumer price index data will be released at 08:30 GMT, which will give an indication on British consumer confidence. Furthermore, the eurozone’s employment change and German Zew economic sentiment shall be available at 09:00 GMT respectively and these data are quite considerable for the Eurozone. The employment change shall give an overview on the employment opportunities in the eurozone’s economy, disseminating the current situation. Also, the U.S. building permits lineup at 12:30 GMT while the Japanese trade balance releases at 23:50 GMT.

Wednesday, 17th June

The Federal Reserve has been quite reluctant to raise the interest rates since the economy plunged into the recession of 2008. But as the economy recovered in the first quarter of 2015, investors are expecting a possible move by the Fed. The dollar shall be quite affected on that day with other important fundamentals for the U.S., such as the FOMC statement, the FOMC economic projections both scheduled to release simultaneously at 18:00 GMT. And when the chairperson of the Fed, Janet Yellen, will deliver her speech, more accent will be stretched on the Fed’s interest rate decision. While, on the other hand, by the side of UK, the average earnings index + bonus and the claimant count change data are both expected at 08:30 GMT. Lastly, the consumer price index for the Eurozone is set for release at 09:00 GMT. With regards to the data aligned for that day, the EURUSD and the GBPUSD pair shall be highly influenced. Also, if the dollar picks up strength, a reversal trend may occur causing crude prices or gold prices to fall compared against the USD.

Thursday, 18th June

Again the market is expected to be quite turbulent, if the dollar strengthens following wednesday’s data releases. More is to come on Thursday, with the core CPI and Initial jobless claims data expected for release simultaneously at 12:30 GMT. While the U.S. philadelphia Fed manufacturing Index data should be available at 14:00 GMT. In the morning, the UK’s core retail sales and retail sales line up for release at 08:30 GMT. The numbers obtained for the U.S. data will affect currency pairs such as the EURUSD, USDJPY and specially the GBPUSD.

Friday, 19th June

After all the interesting announcements, Friday will be a day to take some rest. Not much movement is expected on the markets, as the German PPI is expected at 06:00 GMT and a speech by the FOMC member, Mester is also awaited at 16:00 GMT. All the data released on the other previous days, will continue affect the charts on Friday with the same momentum gained. Since the market will remain highly volatile,therefore trade safely.


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