New CIF licence by CySEC to Nextrade Worldwide Ltd

CIF licence CySEC
CIF licence CySEC

Contrary to those arguing that Cyprus as a jurisdiction for forex and binary options brokers and especially CySEC as the regulator of these activities on the island have begun to lose their appeal and attractiveness to investment firms, it seems that the applications from interested entities wishing to obtain the Cyprus Investment Firm license and therefore become regulated brokers in an EU country keeping pouring in.

Proof of this is the latest addition to the list of CIFs as announced by CySEC  recently, which pertains to the granting of license no. 229/2014 as of 21 March 2014 to the company named Nextrade Worldwide Ltd.

This newly licensed CIF offers its services to traders through the domain and specializes in Binary Options and Pair Options, through the use of its own platform. What is interesting in this case is the fact that the Stockpair platform is built around a patent pending pricing engine (US Patent Pending 61/372,890), which according to the CIF’s website enables accurate, real time pricing, and an innovative secure visual interface which offers a unique interactive trading experience.

Serving clients from over 100 countries worldwide Stockpair makes binary options and pair options trading accessible to individual traders around the world in a professional, easy to understand and secure trading environment.

The addition of a firm promising to offer a platform that is built with the latest financial technology , thus ensuring  the reliability of trades, transparency of data, security of clients’ funds and information privacy to the list of investment firms licensed by CySEC is a telling sign of a booming present both for the binary options industry and for the regulator itself.