NADEX enhances its offering and co-sponsors the Binary Options World Championship


NADEX, which is the only retail focused regulated binary exchange in the United States, offering traders the chance to invest in indices, Forex and commodity binary options, has already taken a decisive step in its expansion last September, by opening up its service to traders outside the US as well, and most specifically to those residing in Canada, Mexico and the offshore US Territories.

Moreover, responding to the high demand for shorter term binary options contracts, NADEX announced on 20 October that they plan to offer 20-minute Binary Option trading, aspiring that an increasing number of traders will choose NADEX as their preferred place to trade binaries. As of 3 November, instead of having hourly expiration times, trading on the US Indices markets will be offered for contracts expiring every 20 minutes from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET. Moreover, NADEX has also submitted its intent to the CFTC to add new intraday 20-minute binary contracts to its current listing of US 500 (Underlying: ES S&P 500 E-mini), US Tech 100 (Underlying: NQ Nasdaq 100), SmallCap 2000 (Underlying: TF Russell 2000) and Wall Street 30 (Underlying: YM DOW Jones 30).  This will result in a lot more trading opportunities for traders, due to the addition of more contracts, new expirations and strike levels, allowing for the more effective implementation of trading strategies.

NADEX Exchange will also be the “host” and co-sponsor of an innovative championship, namely the World Championship of Binary Options, which is organized by World Cup Advisor, a firm based in Chicago and which is a provider of leader/follower auto trade services for the futures industry and also has been organizing similar competitions in the forex industry for more than 10 years.

This inaugural competition will give away the coveted title of World Binary Option Champion and will run from 2nd to 28th November also giving away substantial monetary prizes. Participants can join in at any point of the contest’s duration, provided they fulfill the entry bar requirement of having a $500 balance, since this competition is open only to traders with real funds in active trading accounts via NADEX.

It appears that NADEX’s co-sponsoring of this competition fits with its aim to attract traders from various backgrounds, as well as trading skills and experience levels, all of whom will be eager to test their skill and ability against other traders, through a forum that is public and verifiable, thus gaining credit for their achievements, having fun and potentially gaining significant money prizes.