Free Binary Options Signals: Myth or reality?

Free vs Paid Binary Options Signals

We wouldn’t like to be absolute and rigid in our views, and maybe, just maybe, there exists out there a binary options signals service that is offered genuinely free of charge, with no hidden costs or strings attached, and it actually provides signals that are valid and lead to successful trades, ending in the money. But then again, we believe that if such a thing existed indeed, then we would have known by now and taken advantage of it.

In true compliance to the old saying that “all that glitters is not gold” we want to offer all traders a friendly piece of advice and open up their eyes to potential traps. In a nutshell, from our research and experience in the binary options market, 100% free and trustworthy trading signals do not exist. It is true that not all trading signal service providers are the same, each offering different features, signal frequencies, asset types covered etc. Indeed, there exist out there some really serious firms that do keep a watchful eye over all market developments, and which are able, through the use of sophisticated analysis tools and the experience of their resident experts, to pinpoint market trends accurately, though not all the time, and thus send out trading tips that lead traders to profits. These professionals however, always charge for their services, and sometimes the fee is quite steep for the average, occasional trader.

Having said that, also consider why on earth would someone who puts in the energy, work and resources required to generate valid signals, turn around and hand them out for free? I bet you cannot come up with a logical response, right?  This is why, those signal providers that allege to be offered to you “free” of charge, usually come with a catch. This explains why such providers ask for your personal details upon sign up and some even ask for your credit card information. If no charge is involved somewhere along the way, then why do they need this kind of information? Moreover, some “free” signal services only become available to you if you opt to open and fund an account through their “trusted” brokers. Obviously, then, the signal service provider receives a commission for every client they refer, so in essence they are making money of you, even if you don’t pay them directly, and this renders their signal service not genuinely free.

Therefore, what we would recommend is that you approach all promising “free” signal service providers with extreme caution and only sign up to such services if you are 100% certain that no scam is involved and that none is trying to get money out of you in inconspicuous, indirect manners. However, also bear in mind that even if a signals provider checks out to be honest and legitimate, this does not mean that the signals it generates are of good quality and will actually help you trade better and earn more. This actually depends on an array on other factors that are beyond the scope of this particular article. The conclusion here is that you shouldn’t take things at face value; you should be vigilant and not carried away by false promises and always retain control of your money and your trading decisions. There are no magical solutions or easy ways up. If you invest the time and effort then you are much more likely to become a successful trader than relying on trading signals of uncertain quality.