Forex Time Founder Andrey Dashin stresses the importance of healthy competition

Forex Time Founder Andrey Dashin

In a rare interview to Cyprus magazine Business Weekly in early November, Αndrey Dashin, the founder of ForexTime Ltd (FXTM) asked about the current economic crisis prevailing in Cyprus today, stressed the importance of healthy competition and pointed out that often a crisis can be beneficial, since it forces a company to take advantage of its strengths, utilize its power to the maximum and further develop its capacities.

Invited to specifically comment on the success of FXTM and what the company does in order to differentiate itself from its competitors, Dashin pointed to the fact that ForexTime was created with the intention of always being a forerunner, leading the way in the field of forex and always standing out from the crowd. In order to achieve this, it has launched a series of products and promotions, which are unprecedented in the field of forex trading. The company has also set up a tradition of taking existing products and completely revamping them, revolutionizing and improving them. A characteristic example of this is the FXTM PAMM program, through which FXTM has redefined the traditional PAMM sense, as was known in the field of forex until now, and has managed to created a top range program in the whole of Europe, and one of the very few of its kind which is regulated.

Dashin’s comments about the FXTM PAMM program, drew our attention to this revolutionary product by FXTM, which caters to the needs of both the traders lacking the time and expertise to seriously trade the forex markets on their own and also utilizes the skills of those experienced traders, who are in a position of generating trading strategies. Therefore, the Portfolio Asset Management Mechanism (PAMM), as offered by Forex Time, is suitable for investors willing to put their trust into FXTM’s Portfolio Management Department, which takes the investment decisions for them, depending on their risk profile and financial ability and it is unique and innovative because it optimizes the diversification of the investor’s portfolio in an effort to achieve the best possible risk reward for each trader. What makes is the FXTM PAMM more noteworthy however, is that it allows talented traders to share their strategies with others in return for compensation.

The FXTM PAMM program comes to add to a series of other novelties, introduced by FXTM, which include the unique True Amanah Account, a Shariah compliant type of trading account, which has earned the “Most Innovative Product Award” at the 2013 Mena Forex Show.