eToro to launch TV ads campaign in the UK


For a long time players in the retail trading markets had only relied on online based marketing campaigns, mostly because such promotional acts are easier to me measured in terms of their success and effectiveness. This trend seems to be changing and other methods and modes of advertising started to come into play and be employed by many brands and brokers.

One such offline marketing activity that has become mainstream, as we have often reported here at, are sports sponsorships, through deals either with teams or prominent sports figures. Another marketing activity that has started to be employed by retail forex brokers are TV commercials, with firms such as FxPro and Saxo Bank already airing such spots.

The new market player to be resorting to a new advertising campaign that focuses on the use of TV spots, is leading broker and social trading platform eToro. More specifically, eToro is about to launch a campaign in the UK themed around its slogan ‘take the bull by the horns‘, which will be promoting its services and most importantly the social trading aspect of its offering.

Having already made perhaps the most extensive use of existing social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) than any other firm in the retail trading market, eToro has employed the services of the Atomic London creative agency to design a campaign for the UK market that will of course run online, but will also appear in print in selected newspapers and magazines and will be aired on TV and cinemas, as well as run across major London and national tube and rail stations, to ensure maximum exposure.

According to eToro’s Head of Brand Marketing Hannah Hill: “eToro is a game changer in both the fintech and trading sectors – we’re democratising the way people trade and invest and giving them the confidence to trade with the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ behind them.”