eToro adds more stocks to reach an impressive total of 890 instruments!


Social trading network eToro is proving a really restless and insatiable service provider when it comes to its offering to clients. A couple of months back the company had added to its offering an extra 139 CFDs on stocks of Chinese, Russian and US companies. A couple of days back it has increased its huge variety even further by adding another 190 new US stocks to its market pages.

This newer addition brings the grand total of instruments available for trading on eToro to a whopping 890, meaning that the opportunities for portfolio and investment diversification for eToro users become virtually limitless.

Giving eToro traders a chance to delve deeper into the American markets, the 190 new stocks just added to the eToro offering cover all sectors of the US economy, from services, to consumer goods, to financial companies and basic material processing. More specifically the stocks include well-known companies such as Foot Locker, Barnes & Nobles, Mattel, JetBlue and Chipotle, as well as less famous companies which however operate in industries that have come to play pivotal role for the overall American economy.

By making available for trading the stocks of such companies, eToro enables its retail investor clients who are already well acquainted with major stocks and are already trading them, to take advantage of a great opportunity to look at a different set of companies and thus diversify their exposure.

Aided by the high market volatility which has prevailed in the markets since the beginning of 2016, trading in CFDs continues to grow impressively both with stocks as well as with indices.

Determined to improve and enhance its offering even further, eToro announced the addition of the 190 new instruments while also inviting its clients to submit their suggestions of other instruments they would like the network to add to its selection.