Charting Platform Spotlight:

Charting Platform

With social trading being the new buzz words in the world of online trading we thought we would introduce you to one of our favorite charting platforms/social trading networks on the web. is making waves in the world of online trading by providing users with up to the minute price charts on all of their preferred assets, without requiring them to pay anything, install anything, or even register with them. You can find a quality free charting facility on their website that will handle all your charting needs while you trade binary options. TradingView charts are dynamic and interactive, allowing traders to drag and drop indicators into a chart as well as easily manipulating its look and layout and pulling up additional data on it. As of last year when the social trading phenomenon experienced one of its first big booms TradingView, which is owned by MultiCharts, boasted over 13,000 registered accounts as well as 9000 unique daily visitors, each of which spending in excess of 45 minutes on the site.

Where TradingView differs from traditional charting platforms is the social aspect. TradingView allows users to create and post customised charts detailing their own trades and the hunches they are developing on the assets they trade. Charts are fully customizable, with lines and arrows as well as text being added so that traders can share their research with others. This is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the platform as it becomes an area traders can return to every day to get the lowdown from their peers regarding what is moving and shaking in the global markets. I’ve been using this site for a while now and I have to say it is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of my fundamental analysis. I’ll usually visit before I visit Bloomberg or Reuters, that’s how useful I find it. And the great thing about it is that there is no pressure to participate. It is extremely useful to users who just visit the site on a daily basis and never post anything.

There is also a live datastream that reveals what other users have been posting and trading, and also allows users to create profiles which link out to their own websites and blogs for the purposes of expanding on any material that they post on TradingView.

Moving along with the times, as ever, the latest piece of news regarding this revolutionary new trading resource is that as of June 2013, the site has added bitcoin to its charting facilities. Traders can now pull up live charts on all of the major bitcoin currency pairs, including BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, BTC/AUD, BTC/CAD, BTC/CNY, BTC/SGD, BLC/PLN, BTC/NAD and BTC/RUB.

In the future the company hopes to take their platform mobile through the addition of charting apps for all major smartphone devices, in addition to this TradingView is working on implementing HTML5 technology that will allow it to integrate seamlessly with other trading services. Essentially the site has its eyes on the multi-broker trading market, and seeks to be a hub where different companies can benefit from the services it offers all in one place.