breaches top 175,000 websites

Binary Options Wire Alexa Rank

It has been little more than one year since we launched BinaryOptionsWire as a reliable and objective source of information and analysis for the online binary options and forex sector, and remarkably what we have actually already achieved along this fascinating journey has most certainly exceeded our expectations.

According to the Alexa Traffic Ranking system, set by, which is a subsidiary of, BinaryOptionsWire has already broken into the 175,000 most-trafficked websites in the world!

We feel quite confident to argue that this development renders Binary Options Wire among the handful of binary options -related online guides to have broken into the top 200,000 most visited sites in the world, especially in such a record time since its inception. Reaching this milestone so fast is as revealing of the success of BinaryOptionsWire as it is indicative of the growth experienced by the Binary Options industry itself as a whole. Indeed, fuelled by an upward trend in Initial Public Offerings as well as Mergers and Acquisitions, the binary options industry emerges nowadays bigger and stronger than ever, with increased expansion prospects.

Here at BinaryOptionsWire we are aware that reaching a high traffic rank does not mean that we will remain as popular in the future, as things are often volatile so there are no guarantees. However, we are absolutely thrilled to have reached such a landmark milestone for the first time and we strongly feel we need to thank those who have brought us this far. So, to each and every one of you out there, our readers, be they traders or not, we extend our sincere gratitude. Rest assured that your loyalty and support is much appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Reciprocating, on our part, we pledge to maintain our high standers and concentrate our endeavors in continuing to guide and support you in your pursuit of profits and your efforts to become successful binary options and forex traders.

We do not want to come across as complacent but we do indeed believe that we have made a noticeable difference, not only in assisting the valued brokers who choose to advertise with us reach their target audience and increase their customer base, being established as brand leaders in their respective sectors, but also in helping all unsuspecting traders out there to keep away from crooks and shady brokers and instead direct their custom and funds to reliables and honest binary options brokers. By trying to be as impartial and accurate as possible in the information we publish, we pride in offering the tool of truth and knowledge in the hands of every trader wishing to make wise decisions regarding his/her trading choices.

Back in January 2013, we first launched this site with merely a handful of binary options articles published. Since then, BinaryOptionsWire has grown and expanded through the hard work and dedication of our team of contributors and fuelled by your support. As of March 2014, more than 300 articles have been published, including latest news and basic trading guidance articles, brokers and trading signal providers’ reviews and interviews.

We are also proud and excited because our daily readership has more than doubled in just the past three months. What is more noteworthy is that we have achieved all this without spending one dollar on ads or online marketing, which proves, beyond doubt that all our readers are interested in what we publish and reach us exactly for this reason, because they value and appreciate the content that appears on BinaryOptionsWire.

In the past few months we have directed more time and effort into the site and this was swiftly rewarded through a rapid growth in the traffic figures we attained. Currently, the site has a global rank comfortably below the 175,000 milestone, (171.417 at the time of writing this article to be exact and transparent) and we feel confident that the prospects are such that it should feature into the top 100,000 most visited sites on Alexa soon enough.

Having said that, we do recognize that the Alexa rank is an imperfect metric. Nonetheless, it’s also arguably the most credible grading system for worldwide traffic available and therefore it tends to be the most widely-quoted benchmark when talking about the popularity of sites.

Being restless out of nature and by choice, we do not plan to just passive enjoy our current success. On the contrary, we will use this milestone that we have reached, as a stepping stone for aiming and reaching even higher. Your commitment and support has acted as a source of strength and inspiration for us and we thus have a lot of cool things in the works to further improve what BinaryOptionsWire offers.

What follows is a sneak preview, but rest assured that the best is yet to come: is Moving to a New Server

The increase in traffic and higher rankings achieved by, dictated our decision to move the site to an even more powerful and dedicated server, to be able to offer you a more reliable, fast and uneventful experience when visiting our site. We will have a full post written on this soon, once the transfer has taken place.

Less Ads, More Content and Better Navigation

We are certain that you have also already noticed on BinaryOptionsWire, the extensive changes we have implemented with regards to onsite advertising. We decided to remove most of the ads that were appearing within the post content of the site, allowing you to concentrate and what is being said with the least possible destructions. Wanting to generate our focus, attention and efforts to improved content and further growth for the site in general, we have decided to set the pursuit of revenue generation aside for the time being. A new and improved design, at will make the site even more attractive, user-friendly and easy to navigate is on the cards and will be implemented in the coming months as well.

More Analysts and writers

As our readership grows, so is our team, with the constant addition of more analysts and writers. In the coming months we’re going to have some more surprises in expanding what we can do for traders and binary options as well as FX industry suppliers alike, with the invaluable contribution of our experts.

Meet the Authors Interview Series

As perhaps you may have gathered from reading their pieces, we are proud to have some amazing authors at Besides being incredibly talented at what they do and being extremely gifted and charismatic as personalities, although diverse, the most important is that they have willingly made the choice to share their knowledge with the rest of us. And to be honest that’s not an easy thing to do, since it entails dedicating hours out of their schedules to sit down and write step-by-step tutorials so that we can learn to do what they do as well as other insightful and interesting content.

In the next couple of weeks we plan to start a “Meet the Authors” interview series which will feature one Author every weekend and allowed them to give their personal view regarding the moves and other issues evolving in the trading markets.

The section will be managed by Nancy Eleutheriou, a writer and editor in the company and an experienced forum operator. The team is eager to encourage and invite industry members to take part in the questions, articles and discussions on the site, and promises to offer many more “Meet the Experts” related activities and opportunities in the future.

What would you like to see on

In a nutshell, thank you very much and be aware that we wouldn’t be anywhere without you! Because, at the end of the day, is only as good as the content on the site and the people who are reading it. Therefore, your own feedback, perspectives and contributions are not only welcome but necessary. Please feel free to leave a comment informing us what you would like to see on in the future and also make any other recommendations or comments about the topics discussed above.

As our journey continues and with the promise of more and better yet to come, thank you once again for making one of the top 175,000 sites in the world!