Binary platform SpotOption announces its expansion into the Asia Pacific region


Living proof of the continuing and growing popularity of binary options trading and its penetration into new markets is the fact that one of the leading binary options platform providers, namely SpotOption, has officially announced the expansion of its business operations outside of Europe through the opening of a new office in Hong Kong as part of its plan to better serve and support a rapidly growing market in the Asia Pacific region (APAC).

As the team here at has learnt SpotOption’s new Hong Kong Centrium office is situated in a unique and valuable location, adjacent to LKF and Soho, which are Hong Kong’s most popular dining and entertainment districts. Choosing such a location is indicative and revealing of the firm’s serious intentions about this new endeavour to which they seem to place increased significance. Indeed SpotOption’s CEO Ran Amiran was quick to point out that “Local representation is imperative for providing clients with the best service possible,” adding that “Accessibility and availability are main factors when considering service, so our office in Hong Kong will ensure that we meet and surpass the criteria.”

According to reliable sources from within SpotOption, the newly set up Hong Kong office will be employing 25 representatives to start with, but it is certain that the number of employees will soon grow in hand with the anticipated growth in business and customer numbers.

Pini Peter, the founder of SpotOption, justified the company’s move to open a local office in Hong Kong by point out that the Asia Pacific region is full of potential and opportunity. Indeed he remarked that “Binary Options has made such a dramatic entrance world-wide, but Asia really surprised us by its eagerness to join. Online operators should strike while the iron is hot, and take advantage of this opportunity while competition is still relatively low, and demand so high.”

SpotOption is convinced that setting up shop in Hong Kong is a very wise and well-timed move that will consolidate their dominant position in the world market and provide them with even further opportunities for future prosperity. As they eloquently maintain: “This expansion and continued investment in our global business practices ensures that we remain the leader in global network services provision, and demonstrates that we have the capability to meet this increased demand by delivering services to customers based in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, with having highly skilled people in our Hong Kong office we expect our business solutions to add value to Asian companies wanting to operate globally and use our skills, knowledge, technology and expertise to gain the competitive edge required to grow profitable revenues.”

For those following market developments closely this move by SpotOption should come as no surprise as many firms have set their eyes on expansion in more lucrative markets abroad, especially the emerging market in Asia, due to the prolonged economic downturn in Europe and generally the West. Such company moves were further aided by a period of significant deregulation in both the financial services sector and the Asian labour market making the environment more hospitable and opportunity prone.

Specifically positive and important for the binary options market in China was the decision of leading web portals in the country to get involved in the industry. Moreover, the recent trend is that existing FX and binary options technology developers have shifted their focus on reaching out to new prospective brokers from within China, offering them education and training in exchange to being able to leverage their knowledge on the local market.

Therefore, in true pioneering spirit and also as a response to the huge success of its Binary Options platform in Asia, SpotOption has decided to go local in Hong Kong to be even more available and accessible to Asian online operators looking to start their own Binary Options business. This decision has already yielded concrete results, as

SpotOption currently has 50 Asian clients, and this number is predicted to double by next year following this expansion into China’s most dynamic and prosperous industrial hub.