Binary Options Success - Christina Whitehead, Surrey Story


Trading binary options has changed my life. Initially it started out as a hobby. I was a housewife with very little to do other than knock around the house all day tidying things up and preparing dinner for my husband. I came across an advertisement for this new type of trading that was supposed to be much simpler and easier than traditional forex trading. I looked into it, watched some YouTube videos and found a very interesting series of articles on fundamental analysis on binary options wire. In many ways it was a match made in heaven. I’m at home all day with the news on in the background, so having the free time to know what’s going on in the world and now having the tools to put this knowledge to good use has been a very liberating experience for me.

My real marriage proved not to be a match made in heaven as my husband was having an affair with one of his colleagues. In the year that it took my marriage to fall apart I actually became quite the hotshot trader myself. In the height of my trading career I was earning between 4 and 6 thousand pounds a month. It was this capital that I used to start a new life for myself away from my husband. Binary options have given me the freedom, not just the economic freedom, but also the confidence in my own abilities to change my life, get out of unrewarding marriage and start a new life.

Event trading was my forte, I would be so thoroughly in tune with what was going on in the worlds market and all the geo-political chicanery at work, that whenever a highly tradable economic report was due to be released it felt like I had insider knowledge on how the market was due to react. I should say that this was without even really knowing with any degree of certainty what was going to the results of the given economic report would be. But as soon as the figures came in, and the charts started to move, I had done my homework so I was in the best position to accurately judge how the markets would receive the news and could rise the ups and down, profiting one way and them going right back and trading on the inevitable reversal. It’s an amazing feeling, seeing your hard work come to fruition like that and knowing that you’re in the right place at the right time, binary options provided me with the right tool to make things happen for myself and so I’ll be forever grateful to this revolutionary trading tool. I stopped trading about three months ago, feeling that I needed a break to review where I’ve come and try to find what my best next move is. Nobody trades forever, binary options or anything else, but if you’re prepared to put the effort in trading can be a big game-changer for you, giving you the freedom to examine your options and make choices that steer your life in a completely different direction. I’m planning holiday to Asia later this year. I’ll go over there and try to “find myself”, it will be hard to not place a cheeky trade in here and there, especially with this new mobile trading app that’s seems especially designed to get me trading again. We’ll see how it goes.


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