24Option Made a Star Appearance at this Year’s iFXEXPO

24Option - iFXEXPO

The recent 2013 iFXEXPO held in Limassol was a great success, proving if any proof were needed that even in these trying economic times online trading is booming. This year’s expo was dominated by binary options, which many were discussing only last year as some kind of forex rival, or a type of trading catering to a completely different subset of online trader.  Now it seems as if the two vehicles are sharing the same space, with many established forex brokers having recently brought their own binary offerings to the table. Representatives of both markets are quickly realising that forex and binaries can be cross sold, opening up new markets for each one.

But alas the highlight of the event for me was retreating to my hotel room on the first night, not a little wobbly from all the free booze and eager to get into bed, only to be greeted with the following ingenious piece of advertising.

It’s not entirely clear who dreamt up this fantastic piece of branding, conversion pros who were the event’s organiser or 24option themselves. If I were to hazard a guess I would say that 24option had a little something to do with this. The company is really leading the way at the moment as far as branding is concerned. Their banners and landing pages are all over the place, they have managed to be extremely efficient in the creation of attractive and unique advertising. Their animated videos look absolutely beautiful, and yet if I were to hazard a guess I’d have to say I doubt they are spending very much on creating their adverts, but are reinvesting all this saved money into spreading the material they are creating far and wide. 24option is literally everywhere right now. I don’t know what to call this approach, other than binary options guerrilla marketing, but whatever the label 24option are definitely getting the recipe right at the moment.