Tradesmarter enhances its binary options offering


Tradesmarter, one of the leading binary options trading technology providers that offers white labels and services, has strived since its establishment back in 2008 to simplify trading through building the next generation platform. Currently the company already serves as a reliable technology partner for many brands offering binary options worldwide, including white labels in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

The good news that comes from this company is the launching of an additional financial view on its binary options platforms, through the increase in the functionality of its charting and analytics offering. Tradesmarter’s platforms already include multiple chart views available for users and the newly-released innovative feature aims to enhance the company’s offering even further, since they themselves consider it to be providing the added value of bearing similarities to the analytical tools available on Forex trading platforms, with a particular focus on the candlestick charting.

Paying particular attention to satisfying trader preferences the new Financial Chart view was designed to be fully customizable in a very simple and easy manner, since by just dragging and dropping assets in the menu, users can customize the order of their favourites for easy access and for being able to take quick trading decisions. The Financial Chart view also includes Tradesmarter’s volatility widget which is another innovative feature that shows traders the volatility of top traded assets in real time. In addition, other features of the chart include Zooming and trader sentiment.

In line with its established track record and the fact that already the binary options platforms powered by Tradesmarter can already be customized and tailor made to a very large extent in order to allow its white labels to be better able to appeal to specific target markets, the development of the new Financial Chart view is yet another proof of the company’s commitment to customization.