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Having behind it its successful track record as a reliable guide for the binary options and forex online retail industries and having being established in the minds and hearts of traders as their reliable one stop shop for tips, advice, news and other information, the team at BinaryOptionsWire has decide to focus its attention to another significant stakeholder in the industry, namely the existing and aspiring brokers and put at their disposal the expert guidance, expertise, experience and networking that its team has to offer through launching the BinaryOptionsWire Consulting service.

Why choose BOW Consulting

None can deny that the setting up of a brokerage business either in the field of binary options or that of forex trading is a complex task that involves multiple, complicated and time consuming procedures such the company formation, the legalization of the business,  gaining access to International Bank Accounts, ensuring collaboration with Payment Service Providers, choosing a Trading Platform and implementing smoothly, as well as dealing with complex  technical aspects such as dedicated servers, SSL certificates etc., Therefore, the task is rendered impossible for an individual to carry out successful and it is even very difficult for a small team of people no matter how determined they are to work hard and succeed. What you need is an insider’s hand to guide you through, to show you the shortcuts, to ensure you don’t get fooled by crooks, to put you into touch with the right professionals in each field so that you can start your brokerage on solid foundations via trusted and long lasting, mutually beneficial collaborations. This is exactly what the team of experts here at BinaryOptionsWire aspires to bring to you through its consulting service, which, inter alia caters for such needs as:

Company Formation in the EU

Obtaining Offices & Address in EU

International Bank Accounts

Online Credit/Debit Card Processing

A dedicated FOREX Broker Pack

A dedicated Binary Broker Pack

Trading Platforms

Dedicated Servers

Due to our background in the online retail binary options and forex trading industries we are fully aware that what is important for a broker to focus their energy on is how to convert their clients into profit. Thus, we are here to offer a helping hand by carefully listening to your needs, requirements and aspirations and guiding you to either set up your new brokerage or further expand the horizons of your existing broker business according to your available budget and your individual business needs. Through the sharing of ideas and with the help of our insider’s knowledge and our strong network of industry connections built over the years, we are confident that we can help you reach your goals quickly and easily.  Our consulting team is made up of true experts ready, willing and able to help and our extensive network of partners in all fields of service provision in the industry includes only truly professional, reliable partners.